Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Community Meeting

Thanks to all of you for your support in preparation of the All-School Community Meeting. It was a great success. Ms. Ashworth, Mr. Atwell, Ms. Bryant, the office staff, cafeteria staff and custodial staff were surprised and thrilled! 
A special thanks to Leslie (Leah's mom) for sending in extra chef hats!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

November News

I hope you had a happy, bountiful Thanksgiving! Thank you to all of you for attending our play, “Gran’s Guide to Stop an Ogre”. Thank you so much also for your help and support throughout the production. (Check out my post below to view some photos.) I was so proud and impressed with all of the children during this process. They were so invested and worked so hard! We begin our second session of iCreate this week. Team 202 will be working with Ms. Tessier on science and engineering activities. I think they will love it!

During E.L.A., we continue to work on grammar and word sorts. We also will be wrapping up our Reading/Social Studies unit, “Whose Story Is It?”, which is about the Pilgrims and Wampanoags, this week. After that, we will be using books from our guided reading library to help us learn and practice our comprehension skills and strategies.

In Math, we are just about finished with our first unit on multiplication and division. We have worked on practicing our 6, 7, 8, and 9 times tables as well as understanding the relationship between multiplication and division. The children should continue to practice math facts at home to help with memorization.

Finally, in writing, we will continue working on narrative writing. Students will continue using the writing process to create entertaining beginnings, elaborative segments, main events and memorable endings while working on using the rules of capitalization and punctuation more consistently.

I truly can’t believe that we are headed into December. Time is certainly flying! Thanks for all of your support and encouragement at home. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Ms. Sawyer

Gran's Guide to Stop an Ogre

Bravo to Team 202 for their spectacular performance of "Gran's Guide to Stop an Ogre"! The rave reviews have been rolling in! Check out some photos of the show as well as from "behind the scenes"!

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Did you know that our class has Kindergarten buddies? Our buddy class is Miss Moore's Kindergarten. We meet with them weekly. Together the buddies have enjoyed getting to know each other with an interactive game (ex: find someone who has pets at home), sharing stories and doing a Fall scavenger hunt in the garden. Buddy time is a time that we all love!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Two Weeks in Third

We have been very busy in Room 202 over these past two weeks. We continue to work on routines and getting to know each other. The children also participated in team building activities to help practice taking turns, negotiating and collaborating. Check out these photos of the cup challenge and the paper tower challenge.

     In Math, we have been working on place value as well as standard form (2,562), written form (two thousand, five hundred sixty two) and the expanded form (2,000+500+60+2) of numbers while practicing with manipulatives on place value mats. We are now moving on to addition with numerals to 10,000 using re-grouping.

     In Reading, the children learned how shoes can help remind them to choose "just-right" books. Yes, you read that correctly! One afternoon last week, much to the astonishment of the children, I dragged out a bag that was chock full of my shoes: gardening shoes, snow boots, flip flops, dress shoes, and sneakers. I explained that each of my shoes had a purpose. I wouldn’t wear gardening shoes out to dinner or flip flops in the snow, would I? I explained that just as we wear different types of shoes for different purposes, we read different books for different purposes (typically to find out something new or just for fun). I then pointed out that my shoes reflect my interests. I don’t have soccer shoes because I am not really interested in soccer and I don’t have ski boots because I am not a skier. I explained that I choose my shoes based on my interests and, just like our shoes; we should choose our books based on our interests.

     Finally, I tried on some of the children’s shoes. After the boisterous laughter died down, I explained that even though Geovana’s flip flop and Anne’s sneaker matched my interest and purpose, I couldn’t/shouldn’t wear them because they were not a good fit for me! I would also not wear Mr. Atwell’s shoes, even if they matched my purpose and interest because they wouldn’t be a good fit for me either. I explained that again, books, like shoes, have to be a good fit for the reader. The reader has to understand what he/she is reading and know most of the words. If he/she doesn’t, then, just like the shoes I tried on, the book is not a good fit and the reader needs to choose a different book that is a better fit.

     This strategy for choosing books is called I PICK and we will revisit it frequently this year so that each child becomes skilled at picking books that match their purpose, interest and “size”. Below is a chart that shoes… I mean shows, what the I PICK acronym stands for. Talk about it together and encourage your child to use it at home, at the library and if you visit your local book store. Happy Reading!